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Blue & Gold Cake


Covered in buttery with gold foiling. Topped with chocolate shards, 3 macarons & 4 Covered Ferrero rochers.

Buttercream Drip Cake


This cake is covered in buttercream which has been smudged to create the colour effect. It is dripping in chocolate. We finish it with piped buttercream and chocolate Oreo biscuits. The 30 gold glitter topper is not included in the price. You may order that separately.

Buttercream Peppa Pig Cake


Buttercream Peppa Pig cake topped with buttercream piping and a PEPPA pig edible cut out with the child’s age on a fondant circle on the side.

Buttercream Spider-Man Cake


A blue buttercream cake with fondant finishes. On top is an edible Spider-Man with the name and age of the child on a yellow disc on the side of the cake.

Chocolate & Pink Drip Cake


Cream-cheese covered cake dripping in baby pink and chocolate brown drip. Topped with macarons, marshmallows, chocolate shards, wafers, Oreo, Ferrero Rocher and fresh fruit.

Chocolate Buttercream Caramel Drip Cake


Rich chocolate buttercream cake with a caramel colour chocolate drip. Dotted with 5 Ferrero Rochers, 5 chocolate macarons and chocolate piping. The cake topper is a personalized cake topper available on order for R250.

Creamy Gold Buttercream Delight


A simple buttercream covered cake with edible pearls and gold dust on a gold board. We add buttercream piping, pink and white fresh roses and Ferrero Rochers. We can write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the board. The cake topper is not included. You can order that separately.