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Barbie Buttercream Cake


A cream buttercream cake with a Barbie edible print on top. We pipe a pink border around the top and bottom circumference of the cake, add pink edible pearls and the child’s age on a round disc attached to the front of the cake. We also write the child’s name on the cake.

Buttercream Peppa Pig Cake


Buttercream Peppa Pig cake topped with buttercream piping and a PEPPA pig edible cut out with the child’s age on a fondant circle on the side.

Buttercream Spider-Man Cake


A blue buttercream cake with fondant finishes. On top is an edible Spider-Man with the name and age of the child on a yellow disc on the side of the cake.

Elsa Kids Birthday Cake


This is a fondant covered cake with fondant decorative items and an edible print. The age of the child is on the side of the cake and ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY (name) is placed on an edible banner on the top of the cake,

Fondant Covered Sonic Kids Cake


This single tier cake has a fondant covered polystyrene ball on top. The cake is covered in pink buttercream and is placed on a pink covered fondant board. The child’s name appears on the board.

Joy Of The World Kids Buttercream Cake


A buttercream delight. Covered in blue, purple, pink and yellow. Finished off with smarties, pearls and a variety of 12 different colour macarons. Dripping in yellow chocolate ganache.

Kids Buttercream Lion Cake


This buttercream cake is covered in stars on sticks, and a handmade lion fondant character. The child’s age and name feature in the cake.

Kids Buttercream Unicorn Cake


This pretty pink cake with purple piping has a fondant rainbow on it and a hand made unicorn attached to the front.the child’s name and age is placed on the cake board.

Kids Candy Cake


Covered in blue, red and lime buttercream icing with a pink chocolate ganache drip. Complimented by a few candy sticks, marshmallows and sweets.

Kids Fondant Mickey Mouse Cake


This cake is covered in white fondant and finished with yellow and blue stripes. We add 2 sweets on sticks and edible Mickey Mouse fondant cutouts on the top of the cake.

Kids Fondant Soccer Cake


This cake is covered in fondant and can be finished off in any of the soccer club themes. The name and age of the child is placed on the fondant covered cake board.

Kids Mini Mouse Buttercream Cake


Shades of pink buttercream cake drizzled with white chocolate ganache. Finished with edible pearls. A silver crown, a mini mouse and a number for the relevant age. We add two meringues, three macarons and some pink and white marshmallows. This cake has a few piped pink and white buttercream flowers.